Washington, DC's Competitive Energy Landscape

The District of Columbia has retail choice for electricity.

The ability to purchase competitively priced natural gas is limited to large industrial and commercial users who purchase and ship gas on the pipeline system.

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Contact Information

State Electric Chair
Kristina Montgomery
Vistra Corp.
1005 Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701
Tel: (717) 418-4712

State Gas Caucus Chair
Tony Cusati
IGS Energy
6100 Emerald Parkway
Dublin, OH 43016
Tel: 614-659-5000

State PSC Counsel (Electric)
Brian Greene
GreeneHurlocker, PLC
4908 Monument Avenue, Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23230
Direct: 804-672-4542 Cell: 804-513-1815

Filings & Testimony

In The Matter of Office of the People’s Counsel for the District of Columbia’s Motion to Compel...

07/17/2020 - Filing

DC PSC FC No. 1056 – Pepco Seeks Authorization to Establish DSM Surcharge/DSM Collaborative/AMI...

11/01/2007 - Filing

PJM Interconnection L.L.C.

01/20/2015 - Filing

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RESA is a diverse group of retail energy suppliers operating throughout the United States and delivering competitively priced electricity and natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial energy customers at retail.

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