New York's Competitive Energy Landscape

The Empire State’s energy customers benefit from retail competition for both electricity and natural gas. The New York Public Service Commission served an important role in the development of national uniform retail energy business practices.

The Empire state’s power market has consistently been cited by the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS) as among the nation’s leading competitive energy markets. The New York Public Service Commission has adopted standards governing the electronic exchange of routine business information and data among electricity and natural gas service providers and established uniform retail access billing and payment processing practices, all of which are key factors in promoting a robust retail energy market for New York energy consumers. 

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Contact Information

State Electric Caucus Chair
Richard Barlette
(518) 858-4520

State Gas Caucus Chair
Darcy Fabrizius
(262) 506-6631

State PUC Counsel (Electric)
Joey Lee Miranda
Robinson & Cole, LLP
280 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT 06103-3597
Tel: 860-275-8227


Filings & Testimony

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04/18/2016 - Study

In the Matter of Examining the Potential Benefits of Retail Competition for Long Island Electric...

03/22/2016 - Filing

In the Matter of Regulation and Oversight of Distributed Energy Resource Providers and Products

09/25/2015 - Filing

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