Massachusetts' Competitive Energy Landscape

Massachusetts has a vibrantly competitive retail electricity market.

The ability to purchase competitively priced natural gas is limited to large industrial and commercial users who purchase and ship gas on the pipeline system.

RESA is an active participant in proceedings before the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities involving purchase of receivables, energy procurement by incumbent utilities, the Green Communities Act, and Revenue decoupling.

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Contact Information

State Electric Caucus Chair:
Gretchen Fuhr
1310 Point Street
Baltimore, MD 21231
Cell: (978) 886-8400

State PUC Counsel (Electric)
Joey Lee Miranda
Robinson & Cole, LLP
280 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT 06103-3597
Tel: 860-275-8227

Kevin F. Penders
Preti Strategies
Policy Advisor
Tel: 617-226-3818

Filings & Testimony

Investigation by the Department of Public Utilities on its own Motion into Initiatives to Improve...

12/08/2015 - Filing

Petition of NSTAR Electric Company and Western Massachusetts Electric Company, each Doing Business...

08/18/2017 - Filing

Investigat. by DPU into Ratemkg. Proposal of Electric &Gas Co. Subject to the Department’s...

01/29/2021 - Filing

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